Monday, May 18, 2015

IoT Symposium at Embedded Systems Week

Jason Xue and I are organizing the IoT Symposium at Embedded Systems Week.  ESWeek is October 4-9 in Amsterdam; the IoT Symposium is on October 8-9.  The submission deadline for the symposium is June 29.  We hope you attend!  Even better, we hope you submit!   Here is the call for papers:

The ESWeek IoT Symposium is organized as a part of the Embedded Systems Week 2015. The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to revolutionize fields ranging from health care to manufacturing to personal living by connecting the Internet to physical things. Embedded computing and VLSI are central to the achievement of the IoT vision - advanced computation and communication must be delivered at extremely low energy levels and manufacturing costs. The IoT Symposium is devoted to research on advanced IoT systems.The IoT symposium will be a part of Embedded System week, and will provide a forum for researchers, from academia and industry, to present and discuss innovative ideas and solutions related to all facets of internet-of-things.
Topics of interest at IoT Symposium include but not limited to:
- VLSI Systems Track: ultra low energy systems, integrated sensors, 3D, platform architectures.
- Networking and Communications Track: Physical layer, protocols, network management.
- Algorithms and Infrastructures Track: Distributed and cloud computing, big data methods, heterogeneous sensors, sensor fusion, standards, design methodologies.
- Security and Privacy Track: Low-energy encryption, authentication, hardware security, privacy management.
- Applications Track: Industrial control, logistics, smart homes, smart cities, office management, smart vehicles and fleets.
- Ultra-low Energy System Track: Energy harvesting, hybrid energy systems, storage-less energy systems

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