Sunday, October 20, 2013

Car Electronics: E/E

I've found a term I hadn't heard before: E/E.  It refers to the electrical/electronic architecture of a car.  Automotive has never had a term like avionics for airplanes, so this term is really past due and welcome.

One of the elements of E/E that has been around for awhile now is AUTOSAR, or Automotive Open Systems Architecture.  It is a standard that concentrates on engine control units. The OSEK OS, an ISO standard (ISO 17356-3) is the foundation for the specification of the operating system; it specifies the interfaces to the task-oriented functions of the OS.  AUTOSAR also specifies an AUTOSAR Runtime Environment that provides middleware functions for the applications.  A Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL) abstracts the microcontroller's hardware to provide a standard interface for functions such as I/O and flash.  AUTOSAR also includes a methodology for configuring an AUTOSAR-compliant system from its components.

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